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Become a Voice for

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Become an Arctic Angel

The Arctic Angels are a dynamic and international collective of women, girls and non-binary individuals between the age of 10 and 35 who:

  • Lead at the local, national and/or international level to achieve climate priorities

  • Commit to protect our Global Commons and are motivated to advocate for the prioritisation of the Polar ice in climate action

  • Believe in the value of intergenerational collaboration to address the climate crisis

  • Are collaborative and work with generosity of spirit

  • Are committed to climate justice, systems thinking and an intersectional approach to climate action

What do the Arctic Angels say? 

“Being an Arctic Angel has made me open my eyes to so many things...having the Arctic Angel family keeps me knowing that I have people who think like me, support me so I don't feel alone. I have connected with people from out of Africa, get to hear their stories, their ideas and it's such an honour” - Evelyn, Uganda

“I think one of my favourite things about being an Arctic Angel is to learn from all of them. Every meeting I have left having learned something new or heard a new perspective!”  - Beth, Ireland 

If you fit the criteria above, please apply through the form below. We try our best to get back to submissions within 1-3 days. If you are successful at this stage, we will invite you to interview. Please note we invest in our Arctic Angels and there are therefore limited spots available.

Apply to become an Arctic Angel

If you are under the age 16, you are required to have consent from your parent or person holding parental responsibility to submit and have Global Choices process your personal information, confirm this below and provide their contact information.

Thanks for submitting!

All data we collect is bound to our Privacy Policy. We will never sell your data.

Applicatio Form

Whilst the Arctic Angel numbers are limited, we want to engage every person motivated to protect the Arctic and our Global Commons. We are therefore extending the reach of the intergenerational community to include Advocates of all ages and genders. If you want to become an Advocate for the Arctic and join this extended network, sign up here.

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We need to think beyond what is and imagine what will be 

Astrid, 13 years old

The First Arctic Angel

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