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OUR VISION is to achieve a consciousness in action that we are one humanity,  dependent on the Global Commons, the interdependent natural systems crucial to all life. 

Our mission is to be a spearpoint, inspiring and driving a new way of thinking of ourselves as Global Citizens, using collective intelligence to make strategic choices to protect and restore the Global Commons, prioritizing the Arctic and Antarctic.

We cannot plant ice.  

Why - once it's gone, it's gone 

The Global Commons are the rightful heritage of all and as such we are all stakeholders in our planet’s future. We depend on the oceans and the forests for the oxygen we breathe and the Poles act as the Earth’s thermostats but are warming at twice the global average. They need our immediate protection because what happens there affects the Earth’s climate stability and biodiversity, impacting entire planetary ecosystems. We need to take responsibility for their protection.​ 

There is an upsurge of environmental action but little focus on prioritization. – trees can be planted in perpetuity, plastic removed from supply chains, but the ice is melting and cannot be replaced.


At risk are 4 million Arctic dwellers and generations of Indigenous wisdom and 600+million people around the globe living in coastal areas. 

We still have time to take remedial and regenerative action but it requires urgent, informed and prioritized choices.

"The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it"

Robert Swan OBE

The first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles

Creating Impact
This requires that we reposition the concept of the Global Commons from the abstract to a deeper recognition that these systems materially affect us and future generations.
We will only make real change through innovation and smart action by building ecosystems of inter-generational collaboration and partnerships with fresh thinkers. 


Our ‘HandsOff’ campaign confronts policy makers, corporations industry and individuals with the implications of the loss of the Earth’s thermostats and urges urgent action to protect what is left of the ice. 


Change happens from telling stories, giving an experiential understanding of the facts.
We make verified science accessible in innovative ways.

Top Down-Bottom Up

We work top- down with policymakers and influencers and bottom- up to mobilize citizen voices- always in collaboration with the most effective bodies out there


Finance needs to properly value social and natural capital. We are convening thought leaders to create precedent-setting instruments to direct funds to protect the Global Commons.

Vision 2020

Brings global media experts together to share experience and win the war on climate

Humpty Dumpty

To gather influential female leaders who bring conscious feminine energy to strategically tackle the climate crisis 

Our Arctic Angels are self- selected young leaders whom we mentor and empower. As voices for their generation they drive multi media engagement to raise awareness and press for protection of the Arctic and Antarctic.

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