We Cannot Plant


OUR VISION is to achieve a consciousness in action that we are one humanity, dependent on the Global Commons, the interdependent natural systems crucial to all life. 

Our mission is to drive action on the Ice Crisis, prioritizing the Arctic and Antarctic Global Commons.

Polar Ice is on the Edge of Extinction
Why it matters

Polar Ice is Critical to Global Climate Stability.

There is an exciting uptick in climate action, yet we have failed to prioritize the Ice Crisis. On our watch, we have lost 28 trillion tonnes of Polar Ice in less than 30 years. The Arctic has already warmed by 2°C (3.6°F) - 4°C (7.2°F). The geopolitics of the Arctic is heating up, with increasing interest in exploiting soon to be exposed resources, potentially including deep sea bed mining and oil and gas exploration. There is an intention to break through the ice for a Transpolar shipping route, saving a mere 2 days travel at the expense of keeping the ice intact.

On the frontlines of the Ice Crisis, 4 million Arctic dwellers and generations of Indigenous wisdom are at risk. The impact of the Ice Crisis is global and exponential. Accelerating Antarctic ice melt is responsible for approx. 94% of the sea level rise, which is set to affect 600 million coastal residents directly and a further 1.5 billion people indirectly.

We are taking Bold Action

Proactive and Precautionary 

We are calling for an urgent 10 year moratorium to protect the Central Arctic Ocean Ice Shield and ecosystems from destructive exploitation, providing time for science and CO2 emissions reduction to catch up. 

Protection of this Global Commons would encourage scientific exploration but prohibit oil and gas exploitation, deep seabed mining, seismic testing, shipping lanes, and in perpetuity no radioactive waste dumping and no nuclear testing.

For the long-term, Global Choices is proposing the Arctic Global Commons Marine Reserve - aligning with the 30 X 30 agenda and setting precedents for the protection of our shared Global Commons.

We are maximising impact by executing our six cohesive, focused strategies that amplify and accelerate action for protection.  

Our Impact Portfolio
Creating impact requires that we reposition the concept of the Global Commons from the abstract to a deeper recognition that these systems materially affect us and future generations.
We will only make the necessary systems change through innovation and smart action by building ecosystems of intergenerational collaboration and partnerships with fresh thinkers. 
Our portfolio is designed to be tightly intersectional and holistic.


Our ‘HandsOff’ campaign confronts policy makers, corporations industry and individuals with the implications of the loss of the Earth’s thermostats and urges urgent action to protect what is left of the ice. 

Chalkboard with Different Languages


Change happens from telling stories, giving an experiential understanding of the facts.
We make verified science accessible in innovative ways.

Intergenerational Network

Our Arctic Angels are self- selected young leaders whom we mentor and empower. As voices for their generation they drive multi media engagement to raise awareness and press for protection of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Wall Street Sign


Finance needs to properly value social and natural capital. We are convening thought leaders to create precedent-setting instruments to direct funds to protect the Global Commons.

Vision 2020

Brings global media experts together to share experience and win the war on climate


Humpty Dumpty

To gather influential female leaders who bring conscious feminine energy to strategically tackle the climate crisis 


"The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it"

Robert Swan OBE

The first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles