The Intersectionality of the Ice Crisis
By Arctic Angel Xiye Bastida 

"When we think about the intersectionality of the climate crisis, it means that one issue affects the other, and that affects the other. When it comes to melting ice - rising sea levels are destabilising communities, it's shifting peoples way of life, it's shifting how people get their food, it's shifting the relationship that we have with Mother Earth. It’s also its own crisis because it's affecting micro-ecosystems, it's affecting the way that communities in the Arctic and in Alaska and places that depend on ice are functioning. In places like Bangladesh that has one of the biggest deltas in the world, melting ice is wiping communities away, creating climate refugees - this is why it’s an intersectional crisis because it affects so many different sectors. 


It’s not hard to put our efforts together and address what's happening in the Arctic, because we don’t want it to be drilled, we don’t want it to be exploited, we want it to be protected and that's what the Arctic Angels are here to do. We need to be that voice of protecting the Arctic. 


When it comes to intergenerational cooperation, in Indigenous culture we have this system of talking to Elders about wisdom, sharing that wisdom. One of those pieces of wisdom from Indigenous peoples who live in the Arctic is protect your ecosystem, protect where you get your life from, give back. So definitely intergenerational cooperation is important, the sharing of information and just the fact that we as youth shift the conversation to caring for the Arctic. The conversation was there for a really long time, it shifted away from there because we didn’t see how intersectional the issue was. But now that we know how the melting ice affects all of us, we can go back and take a stance against drilling in the Arctic and other issues. 


If you want to join us in this fight to protect the Arctic I encourage you to sign up to be an Arctic Angel or Arctic Advocate with me and so many other amazing people all over the world."