From the Arctic to Antarctic, our Arctic Angels are committed to protecting our Global Commons.  

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We say HANDS OFF! 
Why we care

As next generation voices of influence, we are collaborating to pressure  policymakers to act with urgency to protect our planet.

The Polar Icecaps are melting at an alarming rate. As the ice melts it not only causes sea level rise, threatening coastal cities like Miami and Jakarta and drowning islands like Palau and the Maldives, causing massive social dislocation. As the capacity of ice to reflect heat diminishes, the oceans warm, challenging the entire ocean ecosystems. The habitat of Arctic and Antarctic species like Polar bears, penguins, walruses and whales are severely compromised.

These last pristine landscapes are under threat from oil and gas drilling while the rest of the world is calling to keep it in the ground…..crazy. Right now there is seismic blasting, mapping the seabed for the exploitation of minerals in the breeding ground of whales. There are plans to break a shipping channel through the ice. Russia has just towed a nuclear power station into Arctic waters and there are unconfirmed reports of a (failed) nuclear missiles. In short, perpetuation of the same behaviour that got us into this mess. This is why we care.

"Youth must empower one another to think critically and to act creatively. We need to move beyond ourselves, to a connected understanding of the Earth."

Emma Wilkinson, Arctic Angel

21 Years old

What Angels do
We support Angels by


Speak out for the urgent protection of the Arctic and Antarctic




Give presentations to galvanize grassroots support


Meet with political, business and civil society influencers


Connect with other Angels virtually and through meetups to maximize the power of networks


Building bridges to policy makers  


Fostering leadership skills  


Creating speaking opportunities


Providing Action Alerts and updates


Engaging an intergenerational Community


Become a Voice for your Generation

GC Logo WHITE on blue (1).jpg is a 501(c)(3) USA organization with an office in Aspen and London. Originally Earth Restoration Alliance, now dba Global Choices.  

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