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Dear Friends,


I am very proud of the accomplishments that Global Choices has made in a very short period of time. We have: 

  • Been successful in bringing the Moratorium to global attention, resulting in moving the Ice Crisis to the top of the global agenda for discussion at the UNFCCC COP28 this month. The Polar Summit in Paris, where we were present and vocal. The Arctic sea ice was premier; a call for accelerated emissions was made for glaciers and the poles.  


  • Educated countless Ministers, Ambassadors, Government officials and decision-makers in bi-lateral meetings about the necessity for and the benefits of the Moratorium and the indispensable global climate role of the Arctic sea ice shied.


  • Gained substantial interest in endorsement of the Moratorium by nation states, including small island nations, with more stepping up over the next months, along with international corporations.


  • Expanded our Arctic Angel network of young women climate justice leaders to 37 countries, supporting them with in-person workshops on whole systems, Indigenous knowledge systems, and leadership skills.


  • Launched a public-facing grassroots mobilization – the Arctic Ice Force. 


  • Partnered with The Economist to help lead our Economic Risk Analysis regarding the real costs of losing the ice on the agriculture and insurance industries, local and regional economies.


  • Attended every globally significant climate related conference, high-level gathering, UN event and other venues as well as given countless presentations, over the last four years to raise awareness and gain momentum toward actualizing the Moratorium. Sixteen of our Arctic Angels are participating in COP28 this month, including in high-level events along with senior staff and our Advisory Board members, including the world-renowned marine biologist and oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle. 


  • Successfully made a strong case that the Arctic sea ice is the metric by which global leaders can chart accelerated and deep emission reductions, advancing our goal of taking the Ice Crisis to the top of the Global Agenda. this is the Global SOS - the Clarion Call to the world that we must act now for maximum results.  


Together we can keep up the momentum-building on the strategic fronts listed above, and push forward to spread the message and build grassroots support for the Moratorium and continue to:

  • Meet with numerous Indigenous nation representatives in Canada, Alaska, Finland, Sweden and others to join us and participate in the Moratorium provisions and endorsement.


  • Finalize for peer review the Moratorium Agreement document created by our international Arctic Legal Defense Fund to capture endorsements of National States, major international NGOs and Corporations, the first step to a treaty.


  • Prepare the Moratorium Campaign Tool Kit to be used by the Arctic Angels, senior staff and our partners and collaborators to secure Moratorium Endorsements.


  • Expand the Arctic Angels network to 70 countries - into more Arctic and other nations that are the most impacted by changes in climate and global warming and impact of the loss of the Arctic sea ice shield. Conduct media trainings and two more Whole Systems workshops for the Arctic Angels


  • Launch the Economic Risk Assessment with The Economist early next year - the results of which will be a game changer for decision-makers and business.


  • Convene a high-level Roundtable of stakeholders at Bellagio in Italy next year.


We are on the front lines every day. But we can’t do this work without you.


Join the Arctic Ice Force – it's free!


Your organization’s logo can go on our website. Your voice will be heard! You will receive our Ice Times newsletter, beginning quarterly publication next year, and receive special alerts. If you also want to make a donation, which is greatly appreciated – click here.

Together, let’s continue to move the Ice Crisis and loss of the Arctic sea ice to the top of the global Agenda, maintain Global Choices’ fast-paced momentum, keep our scientists, advocates and Arctic Angels on-the-ground successfully gaining support for the Moratorium while making the strongest case to date for deeper emissions reductions so we stay at or below 1.5C for the long term because the ice shield is essential to a sustainable future. 

This work benefits you wherever you live and stabilizes climate mechanisms around the world.  It provides dividends for you, your local are, next generations and our planet for a long time to come.

The United Nations describes us well – we are "needle-movers, change-makers, and momentum-builders, providing hope, innovation and ingenuity to humanity’s most urgent and ambitious challenge."  

PLEASE JOIN WITH US IN THIS ESSENTIAL AND IMPORTANT CAMPAIGN THAT BENEFITS ALL OF US — particularly the innocents — the children and other species whose sustainable future depends upon our Greed or our Grace.  

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  It has taken courage and tenacity to step up to the plate as we have – but the stakes are too high not to do so. “Quitters never win, and Winners never quit” — Ted Turner.

Sally Ranney
President & Co-Founder
Global Choices

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